Timothy Groff


Expert baker with over 17 years of experience. Ensures all products are baked to perfection, meeting our high quality standards. Enjoys making fresh and homemade products every day.

Christina Baker


1998 CTC Pastry Arts Graduate. Expert mixer,making sure every recipe is mixed the same 100% of the time. Ensures our customers are getting the consistency they have come to expect over the years. Enjoys creating new recipes and anything donuts! 


Amy Todd

 cake decorator

2016 CTC Pastry Arts Graduate. Our very talented cake decorator. Ensures your cake vision comes to life, regardless of the occasion! Began baking with her grandmother and her passion grew from there. Enjoys being creative and learning new cake decorating skills.

Sam Howe


2016 CTC Pastry Graduate. Began baking with her grandmother who owned a bakery and her passion grew from there.Enjoys baking a product from start to finish, especially the finishing touches and decoration.


Kateryna Sholka


Bread expert. Kneads, divides and weighs all bread dough to ensure consistency and quality prior to baking. Enjoys making sure that each bread comes out of the oven looking and tasting the same, taking pride in providing the consistency our customers have grown to expect.